The Flower Codes

the Flower Codes

Every flower has a unique vibration, a teaching, an essence, a code.  To tune into the depths of its being is to understand this message or unique code.

Back in times long before ours, this information was much more accessible. By simply smelling a flower, its code would be awakened within us.  We would open up to an understanding or way of being that this flower was keeper of.

Flowers were and are a language.

As this knowledge was slowly forgotten by the masses, it was held quietly through time by those who held the herbal lore, wisdom and the ability to unlock a code and activate it in another – sometimes simply by placing the flower in their psychic field. (A history of the Flower Codes will be published in time).

The flower codes activate specific states of being within us. They are like archetypal energies, simple and divine. Activating and awakening these natural states of being within, reawakens these energies on the Earth. In this way they can help us bring forth a divine Earth.  This is both where we are going and where we are from.

The Three Branches of the Codes

How to Use the Flower Codes

My Story

How they are made.

History of the Flower Codes (in progress)

A Sacred Earth (in progress)

The three trees

The Three Branches of the Flower Codes

The Flower Portals;

the Healing Herbs;

the Australian Natives.

The Flower Portals are the original codes of a Sacred Earth/Eden, simple and divine. They can help us bring a New Earth into being.

The Healing Herb codes came forth when our connection to nature started to falter and we needed healing. These can bridge the gaps between us and the flower codes.

The Australian flower codes are akin to working more deeply with the land.  They help us to remember our own indigenous nature and in this way to connect more deeply and respectfully with whatever land we are walking within.  They help us to heal, remember and rewaken the ancient indienous wisdom we all hold but have been separated from through displacement, war and civilisational disconnect.

My Story:

I was first introduced to the flower codes some years ago in my journey practices. The understanding of them has come together slowly over this time, with just one piece of the puzzle being gifted at a time. Hence this information is continuously unfolding step by step, a mirror of my own deepening journey into the Flower Codes.

While I am close to finishing the portal herbs, I have yet to write them all up.  It is an embodied process that I am living through, and as such it takes time!  So this website will continue to unfold….

It has been through diving deeper into my own lineage and ancestry, my own blood that these codes have come to light. I have come to the understanding that they have been held latent within my lineage for a long time, and that the time is right for them to be known consciously in the world again. As my blood lineage ends with me, part of my work is to pass them on to others who will understand and learn to activate them.  This work is one of the keys to walking us into the New world, a Sacred Earth.

Activating this body of knowledge within myself has taken a lot of time, energy and personal work, along with personal life changes that I was requested to make along the way. As a small example, I was asked to give up milk by my guides in order to proceed past a certain point. This took me a few months! It has, and continues to be a journey of commitment, that is filled with joy and its fair share of challenges!

Each flower has come to me of its own accord, and I have dived into learning about its code for a period of time, often months, journeying with it repeatedly until the next flower code appeared.

Over this time, I was shown that there were nine flower codes, several healing herb codes, and seven native codes for me to activate within. The inner process has preceded the making of essences by at least a year! This is an organic journey. The order in which they have come has been important and though I have yet to complete the series (and hence know what all of the flowers are), I know that the order has been its own awakening (eg. Feverfew marks the end and the beginning, the sacred space for transitions; while Borage, the second code, is the push of birth and the imprinting involved in that; and Cherry Blossom, the third code is the delightful sensual space of coming into this world and enjoying the senses, the baby’s soft blanket).

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How to use the Flower Codes?

The codes are slightly different to flower essences in the way they work.  While flower essences are mostly used to invoke feelings in us over a period of time; the code essences work more to remember aspects hidden within, at reawakening and realigning to our original blueprints.

In all truly holistic healing, we heal from the centre out, focusing not on symptoms but on deep cause.

With the codes it is the same. It is best to start with the Flower Portals, the original codes. As we use these, as we touch the natural states, it will likely trigger the need for some of the healing herb or native codes. As we see the transgression, the need for healing may appear.

For example: One of the flower codes, Blue Flag is about female sovereignty. Taking this may make us realize how much we have lost this (collectively the patriarchy has reigned awhile both externally and internally), and as it begins to unwind and reweave itself, the need for Calendula may appear. Calendula is one of the healing codes for the unhealed masculine and the wounds it has inflicted.

You can look at the whole thing as a giant reweaving of the earth, of the strands, and our DNA.

How are they made?

The physical code essences are made using specific instructions which differ with each code. Some are pure flower essences activated with sound; others are a combination of spagyric tinctures, flower essences and homeopathic potencies blended over a certain period of time, at a specific time of the year, with sound codes, intention and devic activation.

An excerpt from an interview on all things the Flower Codes, that I did for Eleni of Clear Knowing who tunes in for the final sound activation on each of the codes.