When we clear from the centre and are deeply connected with the earth, we can open to the stars and remember our origins.

This is Dandelions gift.

Dandelion gets us firmly rooted in the earth. It has a centre of gravity that is below the earth, but that can change at will. From this rootedness, an opening occurs. From this deep sense of grounding, we can open to the stars. The seeds, like seeds of remembrance can only come from a place of deep earth connection and grounded experience.

Dandelion helps us open and clear from the centre outwards. There is an expansive quality to it that can manifest in the realm of gluttonous excess (in which case Dandelion is a very helpful herb to clear the liverish toxins away) or in expansion of spirits. It is purifying and nourishing at the same time. It purifies the excesses and supports the removal of toxins by the liver and kidneys.

It has an affinity for movement, it helps move what is stuck, it wants us to move with a centre of gravity that is planted well into the earth, firmly grounded in the earth. Movement is another method of purifying and clearing so that our centre becomes clear.

When we clear from the centre and are deeply connected with the earth, we can open to the stars and remember our origins. This is no small mission, and like the plodding gnomelike Dandelion, it takes time and perseverance. Dandelion has existed for a very long time, it has mastered the art of survival, standing the tests of time despite being trodden on, abused and ignored repeatedly. Yet it holds this mastery and can help us to get there too. It is not a one time plant. It can and should be used regularly, and works best when used over time.

Dandelion greens
Eat the greens in salad, make dandelion pesto, drink dandelion root tea or dandelion flower wine.

Dandelion has a particular affinity to the in between spaces, the meeting places between. These places can be vulnerable, and Dandelion keeps us grounded in these in between times/places. It brings us awareness of what is occurring in these spaces between.

Some examples of in between spaces that Dandelion showed me:

  • The place where humans touch the earth, the exchange between humans and the earth, our feet; the space in which humans and the earth are one (earthstar or root chakra). Helps us become one with the earth, grounded.
  • The meeting place between teeth and gums (Known as Dent de Lion, teeth of the lion, it brings the polar imagery of the Lion – courage and fear, the courage to tear up its prey, but also contains the shadow, also known as pissabed it helps strengthen the kidneys for those in deep fear.)
  • The place between the roots of a plant and the soil. Appearing like a synapse, this space between is where the plant calls what it needs from the earth to it.
  • The relationship between earth and the air.
  • Stillpoints of the solstices and equinoxes, the in between moments.


Dandelion is for when we are stuck, when the transition times, the in between spaces are blocked and nothing is moving. Grumpiness, ill humour, toxins in the body, liverish symptoms. When we are backed up with rubbish, when our places of exchange aren’t functioning, we need Dandelion. When we aren’t getting the messages, when our connections aren’t working, look at Dandelion. Look at the spaces in between and what needs clearing and moving from them.

Dandelion reconnects us with the earth; helps move and clear the baggage so that we are clear and connected with our roots and the stars. This is a remedy that most people in this day and age can take constantly! We have an overload of energies that our livers have trouble processing from sheer excess, leaving us constantly clogged up.

Invite Dandelion into your life and dance as a gift to the Dandy deva!

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