Artemisia Vulgaris, Asteraceae.

Mugwort is a herb of vision, journeying, protection, depth, weaving and integrity.

As a healing herb flower code, Mugwort invites us to journey beyond the personal webs that we weave and surrender into the infinite fabric of all creation. She can help us heal blocks and wounds that prevent us from seeing clearly.  The more we clear, the deeper our inner vision unfolds. 

As master weaver, Mugwort can support the unraveling of stories held in our DNA, the threads of the past that trap us in webs of illusion.  She can help us journey along ancestral threads to areas that are no longer serving.  She works at an incredibly deep level and what shows up may be confronting.  When you see how these threads are weaving your world into being, then you can make a choice whether to continue like this, or to choose to weave a different destiny. As a stern, yet loving mother, Mugwort will hold you within her cosmic womb if you choose to unravel and reweave these old threads. 

As protector, Mugwort flower code will help you hold your ground steadily and maintain integrity when boundaries are being challenged.  With consciousness, she can be sought to clear and reweave the integrity back into a space, person or place which has been transgressed. 

At the core of the teachings of Mugwort, is the lesson that your integrity in each moment ripples through the web of creation, creating not just the future but the past.  It is from the present moment that your weaving unfolds.  And it is from this moment, that all can change. 

As Great Mother to All, Mugwort reminds us that every being within the fabric of creation is as important as every other being.  That the tiny invisible threads are as important to the great web as the loud, big and dramatic.  Herein lies a warning: to take notice of the subtle and give it equal measure as the loud and dramatic in your world.  To be able to see more of the strands of creation, is one of the gifts of Mugwort, yet it comes with the coexisting necessity to grow your capacity for compassion.  The deeper into our unconscious world we see, the more compassion is required.

Working consciously with Mugwort helps us journey further and see the threads of our weaving; it supports the healing of blocks to deeper vision and dreaming, to see beyond the illusions of our reflected belief systems to a greater truth.

It is a very supportive herb for travelling along the threads of our past – whether ancestral, old beliefs or even past lives – in order to change our reality. As a herb of the womb, it has a deep affect on how we create the world we live in.

It is a powerful dreaming plant in all senses of the word:

  • Helps us to remember and amplify our dreams, astral travel.
  • to see how we are dreaming our world into being and hence make choices around what we want to create
  • removing blocks to our vision/dreaming (with conscious work)
  • protection as we journey forth into other realms
  • strengthening integrity by working with the threads of our personal dreaming
  • integrity of pelvic floor muscles – the seat of the womb – the seat of creative powers

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