Healing Herb Codes

The healing herb codes came forth when our connection to nature started to falter.

When we lose our balance, nature creates a path of healing.  There is a plant for every purpose.

The Healing Herbs can bridge the gaps between us and the divine flower codes.



Connection/embodiment.  Integration.  Unity consciousness. Yarrow connects. It creates links so that communication can occur between two cells, two nerves or two beings. It looks for the common ground between two forces as it knows this is what will unify. It teaches that polar opposites are but two sides of the same coin and both must… Continue reading Yarrow


Calendula field

Shine, shine like the sun. You may look always at the sun for the source of your light, but I am also within you. I am the divine father. I am the Sun both within and without you. I am the Gold within. I am pure Spirit. I remain true to myself no matter what… Continue reading Calendula


mugwort flower code

Artemisia Vulgaris, Asteraceae. Mugwort is a herb of vision, journeying, protection, depth, weaving and integrity. As a healing herb flower code, Mugwort invites us to journey beyond the personal webs that we weave and surrender into the infinite fabric of all creation. She can help us heal blocks and wounds that prevent us from seeing… Continue reading Mugwort



When we clear from the centre and are deeply connected with the earth, we can open to the stars and remember our origins. This is Dandelions gift. Dandelion gets us firmly rooted in the earth. It has a centre of gravity that is below the earth, but that can change at will. From this rootedness,… Continue reading Dandelion


Rosemary is for Mother Love. It relates to the Divine Mother, it brings us in touch with the divine feminine. Where Calendula relates to the Divine Father, Rosemary relates to the Divine Mother. Rosmarinus means ‘dew of the sea’ or ‘rose of the sea.’ Ros – marinus (‘marinus’ comes from ‘la mer’ = sea, also… Continue reading Rosemary



Sage, the wise one is full of Laughter! She laughs at the ridiculousness of our small concerns, she has grown to see the bigger picture. But she laughs on the inside, knowing the importance of fully experiencing each phase in our lives properly in order to gather our experiences and ripen our wisdom in order… Continue reading Sage