Native Bluebell

Native Bluebell (Wahlenbergia sp.) as an Australian Native Flower Code is like a joyful and hearty welcome to new country, land or territory.   Filled with love, joy and openness, she springs up to honour the arrival of those from other lands, planets or worlds.  It teaches us to tread gently and respectfully on new lands.  On any land really, but especially how to tune in to the land we are on so that we can walk in respect and alignment with it.  When we do this from the right place, you are sure to feel the welcome that is inherent in the vibration of Bluebell.

There are times when these little flowers appear at the most serendipitous moments, like a sign of affirmation that I’m in the right place and connected. Sometimes, I’ll be sitting somewhere awhile and its not until I’ve wound down and come into connection with myself and the land, that I turn and notice a little bluebell right next to me! Welcome they say!

Native Bluebell

This is a plant that helps us integrate our own heritage and roots with that of new lands in a respectful, joyful and laughter filled way. Bluebell welcomes other cultures and beings unconditionally. Filled with respect and love for all, she assumes everyone is like this.

This can be a remedy for those who struggle to integrate with a foreign land, or for those who fear foreign cultures on ‘their’ land. Both show a lack of sharing, unconditional love, understanding and mutual respect. When we fear foreign cultures, we close down to the beauty and evolution that can arise from a respectful meeting. Bluebell can help us remember that all beings are from the same source, yet to tread lightly and respectfully on new ground.

The Bluebell flower code is useful for those that don’t have this open hearted, trusting and unconditional welcoming within them. It can show us where we are in fear and have closed down. It is a reminder to open our hearts again.  It is also useful for those who have taken advantage of the open hearted, welcoming and giving of others.

Native Bluebell (Wahlenbergia)

On a deeper level, Bluebell helps us integrate and welcome creations into form.  The subtle meeting of spirit when it meets the body, when creative ideas become material, Bluebell welcomes them into being, like a joyful welcoming committee and supports their anchoring in this new world.  Similar to Cherry Blossom she helps us earth into a body.

It is also useful for those that incarnate and are surprised at the sensations and weight of the material realm, (a bit like an experience of walking in mud….. part pleasurable, part disgusting!) it helps integration of these new sensations.

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