Native Bluebell

As one of the Native Australian codes, Bluebell (Wahlenbergia) is for those walking or living on this land.

Native Bluebell

Native Bluebell is a joyful and hearty welcome to this land. There is delight and laughter as it springs up like a welcoming committee to honour the arrival of those from other lands.

This is a plant that helps us integrate with this land when we are not from here originally, it helps us integrate our own cultural heritage with joy and laughter into the heritage of this land. There is unity and joyfulness in this, she welcomes other cultures unconditionally. She doesn’t fear other cultures as she is so respectful and loving that she assumes all beings are like this.

This can be a remedy for those who struggle to integrate in Australia, or for those who fear foreign cultures arriving here. Both show a lack of sharing, a lack unconditional love, understanding and mutual respect.

bluebell and wildflowers

On a deeper level, it helps us integrate and welcome creations into form. The subtle meeting of spirit when it meets the body, when creative ideas become material, Bluebell welcomes them into being, like a joyful welcoming committee. Similar to Cherry Blossom she helps us earth into a body.

For those that incarnate and are surprised at the sensations and weight of the material realm, (a bit like an experience of walking in mud….. part pleasurable, part disgusting!) it helps integration of these new sensations.

Native Bluebell (Wahlenbergia)

bluebells in the desert