Tree Hovea

Messages from Tree Hovea

I’m here to refine your senses, unite your hemispheres so to speak, so you can see a deeper truth, the wondrous unity of the cosmos.  I pierce the veil of the mind, illuminating one from within.  I am the being behind the vision of creation.  I lead you to deeper truths beyond dualism. 

“For those with eyes to see”

To see Tree Hovea flowering is utterly magical.  Easy to miss, it is subtle, yet when you see it you wonder how you could miss its beauty and divinity.

Hovea (like many Australian native plants) invites us to develop our subtlety of perception.  On walking in the forest in the direction I’d thought to find Hovea, we found none.  As we sat at the top of the waterfall, two eagles circled in the ravine below.  Use your eagle eye inner vision to see where we are.  Soaring like an eagle with a vision of the whole forest, a clear map of where they were came.  Though it didn’t match what we already knew about the tracks in the forest, we went to explore anyway, and found them within minutes – a blooming Hovea forest.  Almost invisible yet so beautifully vibrant in their magic and subtlety.

Hovea has a relationship with remote viewing, with expanding and developing our perception, seeing a greater picture of things.  Like an eagle. 

I invite you to look beneath the outer glow, to find the inner radiance of light within all beings.  I am a beacon of light.  Remember the wonder!

On tuning in, their inner radiance is even greater than the outer.   It has an inner light, similar to stars, brilliant and radiant.

Divine Order

As I closed my eyes, the Hovea flowers glowed in my inner vision, each one becoming a star in the Milky Way – this galactic body of stars all connected and moving as one.  Unity in Motion.  Unity in Flow.  Following a greater order that only an expanded perception can perceive.

The Hovea deva was not just one being, but many.  A collective community, talkative and excited.  They shared that their roots go very deep in the ground and so they are very connected to the heart of the Earth, therefore they can open their hearts to the sky. 

We are a collective effort, we share the work communally.  We watch each others backs, looking out for each other.  We know the truth of unity.  No one of us is separate from the other. 

We also teach about the bigger picture and help to bring acceptance of the Divine Order of things. Even when things may not appear right, from an expanded viewpoint, all is in divine order.

Divine Unity.

The Hovea flower is a signature for the two hemispheres of the brain, united at the corpus callosum.  The purple colour, in this case is a signature for the third eye – in which you need to look beyond the veil to see clearly. 

Hovea has the wisdom and ability to help teach us to unite our two brain hemispheres, to unite the masculine and feminine, the inner and outer worlds, for the two to work together. 

With Divine Union, the heart opens wide.

Hovea kept showing us the signatures of the vagina and brain hemispheres.  Firstly – a message that a wide open heart equals a wide open vagina, soft like a butterfly.  Another – the two sides of the petals appear like two bum cheeks with the labia in the middle!

Go in, go in, there are jewels inside, the veil is thin, don’t hunt outside.

Hovea relates to seeing beyond the veil. 

Firstly we need to know what the veils are.  In the body, I’m shown a couple:

  • The membrane between the two brain hemispheres. There is a teaching that when we are in connection, collaboration and communion, the veil is traversed. 
  • The hymen.  When we unite masculine and feminine, this veil of the hymen is penetrated.

A few days after these insights, someone randomly shares with me a talk from a brain scientist about the two hemispheres of the brain.  The right brain is all about connection and present time.  The left brain is the thinking brain that separates and divides and is always in the past or future.

Seeing beyond the veil comes when we unite the opposites, the two hemispheres, masculine/feminine.  Hovea teaches that when we are seeing from only one hemisphere, our view is literally a one sided perspective.  There are many techniques for developing synchrony of the brain hemispheres – binaural beats, shamanic journeying, being a musician using both hands. Whenever we go into this space, a divine union occurs, and from this place a new reality opens up.  Just like when masculine and feminine come together a third is born from the union.  When we unite the opposites, we open the portal to go beyond, to see and birth greater realities. 

Hovea shared that divine union comes in many ways.  The obvious is masculine and feminine – the two brain hemispheres.  But it also relates to the inner and outer worlds.  Inner or outer work on their own will never be enough, as the union doesn’t occur.  Each on their own is great, but it is only when it comes into unity with the other, that change occurs and new realities are created.  Outer work without the inner, or inner work without the outer is still in separation. Ultimately we need to be doing the inner work in the moment of the external events.  This is a great art! This is alchemy. 

So why is Hovea one of the Australian flower codes (since these are a specific group of flowers with global influence on our indigenous self and our relationship to land)? 

The answer I receive is very beautiful.  When we meet “other” (whether that’s a new land, a different tribe or a new culture), there is the potential for a beautiful divine union between the two. When we meet the land from a connected place, just as our indigenous self would do – with great care and respect – great opportunities arise. Or when two cultures intertwine – the natives of this land, and the settlers, creating a beautiful new reality from this union.  When we fully open to receive and learn from another (both sides), we grow exponentially and new realities are birthed.  Sadly, for the most part this has not been the case in Australia.  Separation, fear, division and takeover occurred.  Hovea can show us the beauty of finding unity within ourselves, so that we are not in fear of different ways.  It can help us find ways to unite and work together for a greater vision, to birth a new reality.  It can help us to look beneath the outer glow, to find the inner radiance of light within all beings.

Tree Hovea

Hovea can help us:

  • unite the opposites within and without. 
  • to pierce the veils that keep us separate.
  • To see with our inner vision, beyond duality. 
  • To open our perspective to wider viewpoints.
  • To understand what divine union really means on all levels.  Inner/outer; masculine/feminine etc. 
  • From this place of unity, comes an utterly divine and magical inner radiance and illumination.  Hovea hold the wisdom of deep illumination of divine order.  It will teach you all about it, if you open up to receive its medicine. 

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