Clary Sage

Salvia Sclarea; Lamiaceae.

Clary Sage in Provence

Clary Sage is a plant of the moon and invites a remembering of feminine wisdom (within all beings), inner knowing and all that lies in the unseen.

Clary Sage Flower Code guides us to connect deeply with our inner knowing, to release the need to know what comes next and to listen to what can only be seen and known with the eyes closed.  She dares us to walk through the darkness not knowing where we’re going; to follow the thin thread of our inner knowing amidst a mass of outer information begotten by the mind.   

Activating the Clary Sage flower code is to relax into our inner knowing, to sink into the feminine state of being that only acts from a place of inner listening. 

Clary Sage invites us to slow down, to rest deeply, to flow with the rhythms and cycles of life and to align with the phases of the moon.  She invites us to be guided by our inner wisdom rather than the mind and will show us the magic that comes when we do.  She evokes a relaxed euphoric wisdom and clarity of inner knowing that sees truth beyond the material realm. 

Clary Sage is a doorway to the eternal light within.  It is only by travelling through the darkness that it can be known.  Yet it is there whether we see it or not.  Clary Sage helps us to access this inner light and offers protection as we navigate our way through the darkness of the unconscious realms and meet our arising fears of the unknown. 

Clary Sage

To work with the flower code of Clary Sage is a call to activate our insight rather than just our external sight.  It is to rebalance the masculine and feminine by remembering the feminine wisdom of inner connection and knowing that lies beyond the realms of the visible.  From this balanced state, connected to inner wisdom and insight, cosmic knowledge can be received. 

Clary Sage connects us to the inner high priestess and oracle, she who embodies the sacred feminine mysteries and lives by her inner knowing. Upright, totally present and aware, she is able to slip into total inner silence in order to hear.  As an oracle, she travels deep within, sees in the dark and brings back wisdom to enrich and guide.  She is keeper of the mysteries of the moon and menstrual cycles

Working with Clary Sage is to be initiated into the deep feminine mysteries and  the skills of intuition and inner knowing.  This involves going into the dark to face our fears and engage our inner wisdom. 

Clary Sage, like many moon plants works directly on the nervous system to calm and relax, along with effecting the fluids of the body including the cerebrospinal fluid balance, the release of hormones, the fluids in the bones, and the flow of the womb and menstrual cycle. She is a wonderful teacher of flow and fluidity in both movements and choices.  When the ego/mind has a plan that is not in alignment with our inner knowing, Clary Sage keeps us fluid and in touch,  supporting us to let go and flow with our divine inner knowing.  To trust and surrender rather than resist and force through with the plans of our mind even if it appears that things won’t work out.  She invites us to go out on a limb with our intuition and be amazed at the outcome! 

Clary Sage flower code is useful:

  • as a guiding light in times of darkness or fear;
  • to develop our inner knowing and insight;
  • to connect with and trust the voice of the unseen wisdom within;
  • to reconnect with deep feminine knowing;
  • to develop flow and fluidity; union with our cycles and the womb;
  • for those with many fears of the unknown or the dark;
  • as protection  – magic; times of shining light on unconscious material – menstruation, childbirth etc.
  • Protection; clarity; connection.  Oracle. 
  • Third eye, pineal, pituitary. All fluids. CSF. Womb, menses, childbirth, flow. Umbilicus, core.

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Clary Sage Flower Code