Boronia opens and expands the heart. It brings laughter, delight and joy, all things that open the heart and chest and create a spreading there.

The Boronia code teaches the multidimensional nature of the four directions.  It guides us to expand our awareness and vision, to know the multidimensional, wholistic nature of things. It may help us see the world in the expanded awareness that the indigenous Aboriginal elders of this land used to see.


It helps us integrate into this land by bringing us an expanded awareness and connection of the interrelatedness of all things. It helps open our heart to truly experience this land on its own terms.

Rigid belief systems and ways of being that are no longer relevant to this land may arise and fall away when working with Boronia. Anything that stands in the way of an expanded open heart in true connection with the present, will arise to be cleared.

This is a remedy for those that have migrated here and cling to practices that worked overseas but are out of alignment with this land and its needs. For those that continue to rigidly follow traditions that have much meaning on their own land, while forgetting to tune in and adapt them to this land.

Boronia can help us see that this transgression not only affects this land and its original inhabitants detrimentally, but our own hearts.

For a compassionate and deeper look at this topic, visit this short story:

The Frogmouth and the Birth of Australia

The Frogmouth and the Birth of Australia


A meditation to engage Boronia awareness:

Wild Boronia

Become aware of yourself in space. Become aware of the vertical plane, the top to bottom vertical plane of yourself in space. Imagine a line going down through you from head to foot. This is the North South plane on your personal map.

Then become aware of the horizontal plane. Imagine a line going from front to back or back to front through you. This is our East West plane.

Now tune into the place where the lines cross at your heart. Imagine this space as a sphere in the middle of these two planes.

What occurs here? What can you feel? What teachings do you receive?

Spend some time feeling into this multidimensional nature of your being.

As you expand your awareness, you may feel your heart space is the Earth.

Boronia flower code

The implications on this for self care, presence and filling yourself with loving, joyful laughter become not just a personal goal but a planetary one.