Heidi Wedd – Flower Codes Creator
(along with the nature spirits!)

flower codes about

In the external world I facilitate plant communication, nature connection, herbal alchemy and shamanic herbalism circles. My background is midwifery, homeopathy, herbs and craniosacral. 

I also love writing and you can access my books here.

In the internal world, I’ve been working with these flower codes for several years!  They are deep within my blood and as I have connected more to my lineage, my deep roots, they have slowly unfolded into being.  And the guides guiding me with them are gently urging them forth into the world.  So here they are…

To read about the flower codes, what they are and how they came about visit Home

You can read a little more about me on my other website www.wildflowerwalker.com/about/

Eleni Pappas – Sound Activator of the Flower Codes

CLEAR KNOWING with Eleni Pappas

I am a singer, a mother, a vibrational alchemist, a teacher, and a lifetime student of the mystery of the oneness of all things. 

I have sung all my life, however around 5 years ago I began to notice deeper and more profound mysteries about sound. I started out within the structures of light language, playing with transmissions and personal activations. I also studied with the Goddess Voice Academy to learn more about the ancient mysteries of the voice and established sound healing techniques.  However, I found myself releasing the structures of other modes of working with sound and now combine my Sound with Intuitive Intelligence, allowing it to flow and create as guided, as a way of shifting vibrations and awakening latent aspects of myself and others. Sound is the bridge between the structures of form in this reality and formlessness of spirit. 

Working with the flowers and Heidi has been so much fun and an absolute pleasure! Each code has such a clear personality and energy and were so eager to share their knowledge with us. 

I also run a 12 week program called Sacred Frequencies, where you receive sound transmissions and activations to awaken into and anchor into your highest potential. You can find out more about my programs or work with Sound, Light and Intuitive Intelligence on my FB page @clearknowingwithelenipappas.