Native Wisteria

Native Wisteria (Hardenbergia comptoniana) creates a boundary, a protective wrapping to hold us safely within when we are going through an incubation, a shift.

This container helps us to focus inward, holding the light and energy in and protecting it from being dispersed. It safely holds us in this space of stillness and light, this clearing space until we are filled up. When the time is right, it drops this protective boundary and we step out of this light cocoon clearer, clarified.

Native Wisteria round a tree

When we need to get clear, to fill up with light, to incubate in a place of stillness to allow a transition to occur, Wisteria can hold space.

This is for those who need to be kept in a state of stillness and safety, to take time to fill up with light and clarity before stepping out into the world again.


Hardenbergia comptoniana

Unless you are indigenous, somewhere in your history migration to this beautiful land occurred. Whether your family history is one of being an early settler, a convict, a more recent migration, moving to another land and country with completely different energies and spirits is a major transition that not many take the time to fully honour with a proper incubation period.

Wisteria is for those that never had the transitional space of safety to fully arrive on this land, that never had the time or space to allow all of their being to adapt and readjust. It may be that we are carrying this in our ancestral line.

This remedy helps us to fully transition and transform to being present on this land. It may bring up pathways to healing our ancestors that never had the time or space to fully arrive having to get straight into creating a life here.

It may awaken new connection to this land as we fully arrive here after allowing a true incubation to occur.

Native Wisteria H. Wedd