Shine, shine like the sun. You may look always at the sun for the source of your light, but I am also within you. I am the divine father. I am the Sun both within and without you. I am the Gold within. I am pure Spirit. I remain true to myself no matter what you do. I will burn away all that is not truth, I will light up the darkest places and bring you back to your source, the one spirit.  


Calendula reconnects us with and strengthens our inner sun, our divine father, Spirit. If there are blocks in the way of this, Calendula will clear the pathway.

Calendula, like the Sun, helps us shine brightly no matter what is going on around us. It helps us shine in the light, rather than shy away from it. It gently builds our inner fire, our inner sun, increasing our warmth and light.

Calendula reconnects us with the divine masculine, the healed masculine within ourselves, our inner sun.   It balances our inner masculine, bringing it into a healthy expression.

Calendula flower

The myth of Apollo the Sun god and Clytie the water nymph is central to Calendula. Clytie fell in love with Apollo who was unmoved by her. She watched him day in and day out for nine days until the gods took pity on her and turned her into a Calendula flower. Now she blooms every day of the year and follows the sun in its passage across the sky each day.

When there is a lack of yin/feminine energy, there is a lack of feeling and compassion. However pure yang, pure sunlight like Apollo, always casts a shadow. The shadow of the feelings (water nymph), the feminine not being acknowledged that causes pain and emotional wounding. Calendula helps balance the strength of the solar masculine energy with the feminine receptive and feeling realms. It brings warmth and caring for others into the mix.

Calendula helps soothe burns and wounds, but more deeply it helps soothe the emotional burns and wounds especially those inflicted by the father or the unhealed masculine. Wounds of unrequited love, father wounds, burns from the unmoved masculine or not being loved purely and unconditionally.

Whatever is lying between us and the divine masculine may arise to be cleared using this remedy.  In the recent herstory/history of patriarchy, this remedy can bring up a lot of past wounding for women especially. It brings these dark wounds to the light in order to purify and cleanse them, preventing suppuration and the further spread of infection in our psyches.


Calendula shines light into the darkest, blackest, festering places and helps to cleanse them. In the blackness of the Void, Calendula helps us learn we are the masters of creation, it helps gently burn away and purify the dross, dampness, infection and stagnation, bringing healing light into these old dark wounds.

Like Gold which remains unscathed and pure whatever it is submitted to, Calendula is a plant gold, it prevents us becoming so affected, infected or burned by others. It prevents infection and is an immune tonic. It brings joy back to our hearts so we have hearts of gold.

Calendula is well know to a be an antiseptic wound healer. It helps granulate tissue, prevents suppuration and further infection. Long used for skin problems, wounds, burns, grazes, ulcers, nipple damage, damp wounds.

For those that have trouble integrating sunlight, it can also help with this interaction. The skin is the meeting place of the physical body and the creation realm. Sunspots, freckles can be places where our inner light and the outer light of the sun are not in alignment. Calendula can help realign this.

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