Sacred Birth Portal

the Sacred Birth Portal Essence

 activates the sacred birth pathways within. Like a prayer for all births to be sacred, it helps us to KNOW what it feels like to have a sacred birth so that we can create that for ourselves and others. It activates our divine blueprint for birthing, helping us to remember our birth right – that every birth (be it your own, birthing a creative project into the world, or birthing a babe into your arms) is a sacred portal to the divine.

Made up of three remedies, SACRED BIRTH nurtures our ability to:

create sacred space;

remember and allow our starry origins to birth into the world with a courageous push;

joyfully and softly integrate the “babe” (or project) into the body or material realm.


Like all of the flower code essences, Sacred Birth has been made following specific instructions from the flowers themselves. This essence is a mixture of flower essences and homeopathic potencies made at portal times specific to the flowers (Winter Solstice, Imbolc and Beltaine), activated with sound, prayers and devic interaction.


It covers three phases of birth –

  • Feverfew – Preparing the sacred vessel of birth. Any creation needs a container, a clear space, a healthy womb or alembic to nurture our “baby”.
  • Borage – the physical push of birth; Borage helps us find and birth our heart’s path, to remember our star missions and have the courage to follow them through.
  • Cherry Blossom – the joyous receiving of our creations in the world. Blossom is like the blanket of love that receives our creations and incarnates them in a soft, gentle and delightful way after birth.  It softens and welcomes our creations into the world in a joyful, sensual, delightful way.


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As the divine pathways become activated, what is not in alignment may arise to be felt and pass away.


  • Throughout pregnancy, birth and early postnatal phase.
  • During the same phases of any project gestating and being born into the world.
  • To realign and reawaken Sacred Birth pathways after having a traumatic experience of birth.
  • Sacred Birth can help us find an empowered aspect to even the most traumatic birth. To acknowledge, integrate and move forward with this wisdom in a healthy way.
  • For any midwives or soul midwives (those that help others birth their dreams into the world) to know from experience (direct wisdom) how a Sacred Birth feels and hence be able to nurture it in others.


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