Feverfew is a protector, it creates a sacred safe space.  It is especially potent for threshold times….
like the longest night,
endings and beginnings,
or any vulnerable times.

It creates a ring of protection around us.

Within this safe space we can relax rather than contract knowing we are safely held.

Feverfew flowers

Feverfew has a centrifugal action that wards or throws off negative or harmful energies that can create illness. It is a fumigator.  The Feverfew deva shared that this is the way in which it clears fevers – by ridding the source.   Once it has thrown off the negative influences or pestilence, there is no need for a fever anymore.  Fever is just the body’s natural way of burning up unwanted substances or energies.

When we activate Feverfew – it protects by warding off negative energy for us, then we can stay open, relaxed and expansive knowing we are safely held.  It creates a ring of protection around us, within which we can breathe and expand into.

It is particularly related to the Winter Solstice, the longest night, or the darkest times in our lives. The portal of the deepest darkness and the rebirth of the sun. After the longest night, we slowly start to open up and expand again. Feverfew relates to the periphery and helps us to expand fully into ourselves from a place of safety (after the slow contraction of the period between summer solstice and winter).

It carries the energy of death and birth, endings and beginnings. It is a portal herb. It is a portal into our own codes.

feverfew essence

Feverfew is the guardian of the gates of incarnation. It is the protective circle of women or birthkeepers that call us forth into the world. They do this purely be being present and protecting the space within which this can happen, they don’t interfere or do it for us, they simply ‘call us forth’.

Feverfew is the guardian that brings us to earth, that brings us down from the spirit realms and plants us in the earth or the womb to be born here. It calls forth our spirit to be planted and grow into ourselves. Feverfew is a little like the cosmic womb of creation, the vessel that holds us. It used to be known as Matricaria parthenium from the Latin ‘matrix’ meaning ‘womb’.  This relates not just to human incarnation, but the incarnation of our true selves, or of projects that are deeply rooted in who we are.

In this sense it is a herb of grounding, of earthing, of coming into being, of incarnating into the earthly realm.

It is the prebirth period. The time between the solstice (when energies are growing but still deep within the waters of the womb) and Imbolc in which the sprouts are ready to come into the world.


Without an activated Feverfew, we can spend a lot of energy trying to protect ourselves.  This presents in the energy of Contraction  (we contract in order to protect).

Besides fevers, this may come out as all sorts of contraction states:

  • migraines;
  • PMS – in the time before and during menstruation, we can feel more open and  vulnerable and so begin to contract in various ways to protect ourselves  (emotionally – “don’t come near me” irritability, pain, headaches etc.)
  • cramps
  • constriction of blood vessels


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