Feverfew is a protector, it creates a sacred safe space.  It is especially potent for threshold times….
like the longest night,
endings and beginnings,
rites of passage
or any vulnerable times.

It creates a ring of protection around us.  Within this safe space we can relax rather than contract knowing we are safely held.

Feverfew flowers

Feverfew has a centrifugal action that wards or throws off negative or harmful energies that can create illness. Long known for treating fevers, its action is to work on the source of the fever as a fumigator, rather than changing the body temperature itself.

When we activate Feverfew – it engages our boundary, warding off negative energy so that we can stay open, relaxed and expansive knowing we are safely held.

It is particularly related to the Winter Solstice, New Moon, the longest night, or the darkest times in our lives. It carries the energy of death and birth, endings and beginnings. It is a portal herb. It is a portal into our own codes.  It particularly relates to the prebirth period – gestation and pregnancy, the dark void or cosmic womb of creation.  All things arise from this watery realm of the collective, just as all will return to it.

feverfew essence

Feverfew is the guardian of the gates of incarnation, the midwife’s herb.  Long ago it was known as Matricaria parthenium from the Latin ‘matrix’ meaning ‘womb’.  The womb is the sacred watery vessel within which creation is held safely as it expands and grows.

Without an activated Feverfew, we can spend a lot of energy trying to protect ourselves.

Feverfew flower code is useful to clear and set up sacred space both externally and internally. A few drops sprayed or scattered around the periphery can be used to clear energy and create sacred space.

It is a great code to engage with when trying to conceive – to clear the way energetically and physically for a babe to incarnate.

You may need to work with the energy of the Feverfew Flower Code if you:

  • have trouble creating space in your life;
  • are doing too much and not making enough space for what is really important to you;
  • are going through a vulnerable transition time;
  • are a birth keeper or guardian of any rite of passage;
  • are caught in the energy of contraction in order to protect yourself;
  • would like to create more space for the divine in your life.

Without an activated Feverfew, we can get caught in trying to protect ourselves. This creates a contracting energy in order to protect ourselves.

Common ways this can present:

  • Migraines – controlling patterns to protect ourselves; control is generally based in an underlying fear, a sense of not being safe.
  • The premenstrual phase can be a vulnerable time. If we don’t feel safe or have sufficient space to engage with what is arising, prickliness and contraction can be autopilot ways that are engaged by the body in order to protect and create space for ourselves. “I need space”; ” don’t come near me”; irritability; pain, cramping; headaches etc.
  • Cramps – an obvious contraction.
  • Constriction of blood vessels.
  • Fevers – when our periphery/boundary/space/immune system has been invaded, the body’s natural response is to burn off the unwanted invaders by increasing temperature.
  • Womb – Feverfew is a big womb herb that can be used for many womb imbalances and disease processes to bring the womb back to its essential nature of holding and maintaining space for creation – contracting and relaxing when necessary. It can bring on menses, expel placenta, get labour started (i.e. healthy contraction), but it can also relax the uterus when its time to relax. Culpeper recommends it as a great yoni steaming herb.

Feverfew Flower Code available to order Here


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