Hibbertia dentata, Dilleniaceae.

As one of the native flower codes, Hibbertia works towards healing transgressions between our relationship with the earth.  This includes any harm done to indigenous tribes who lived in harmony with the earth, and to our inner indigenous self that suffers with any injury to the whole.

Hibbertia Flower Code is particularly useful for Shame.  Shame when left to fester can become toxic, crippling the gut, poisoning the blood and the generational bloodline. Hibbertia supports the release of toxic shame that may have been stored not just from our own ego journey, but carried through the ancestral lines possibly for generations.  The shame at having transgressed the greater whole – whether of nature, the earth, indigenous tribes and our earth connected, indigenous self. 

hibbertia flower

It is useful for those with low self esteem, doubt, lack of self trust, who feel not good enough or unacknowledged, often with an accompanied search for outer approval.  Hibbertia covers a lot of ground, constantly spreading, just as we may superficially search for external validation.  One of its beautiful teachings is to pause and look back on this search, to witness and acknowledge all that has bloomed along the way. 

There is a youthful premature independence in Hibbertia – an energy of direction and setting out on a mission, yet without the maturity to consider the whole.  A destructive childish rage can appear when this enthusiasm comes up against a boundary set up for the benefit of the whole.  This conflict between the solar plexus (personal ego) and root (tribe, earth, community) chakras can be the first experience of shame.  The result of crossing a tribal boundary or a natural law that is not aligned with the greater good.  

In indigenous Australia, ‘shame jobs’ are when the personal ego goes against tribal laws that are made with the whole in mind.  The result is either a required act to rebalance the situation, or exclusion from the tribe. 

The gift of Hibbertia is emotional maturity – the ability to channel the challenges and boundaries we face and make them into our life mission – by transmuting these frustrations of the ego into service to the whole.  Every shame brings a lesson – to work with rather than against.   A healthy harmony and integration between the root and solar plexus chakras. 

Hibbertia’s reassuring message is that stepping out in ego, falling down, and the consequent shame of being separated from tribe are all part of the journey of evolution – that this is how we learn how to integrate self with tribe.  That transmutation often comes through transgression.  Hibbertia encourages us to find the gifts in the journey, the gold in the darkest of situations – after all it blooms in the deepness of winter.  It clears shame and helps us come to full terms with all that has happened, knowing that it has brought us to a deeper wisdom.  Lessons learned from mistakes made. 

As a wound healer, Hibbertia relates to metaphysical contusions and knocks, the covered up blows of life, the hidden, deep dark emotions that we may not be very conscious of.  It helps transform toxic wounding through its solar wheels of light.  Hibbertia acts in the same way upon the earth.

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Hibbertia flower code