Connection/embodiment.  Integration.  Unity consciousness.

Yarrow is one of the healing herb codes. It reminds us to be deeply in the body, for to know the sacred vessel of the body intimately and to feel everything of our earthly experience is vital. Yarrow reminds us what a natural state of healthy embodiment feels like. It may look like a stretch, a yawn, a cry, a dance – allowing your body to move however it needs in order to express. Yarrow reminds us that release is a natural process and that feelings are not meant to be stored or suppressed for later. The more in our body we are, the more grounded we become, and this in turn helps us connect to the stars and to embody the light of spirit.   In this way, Yarrow through the process of grounded depth and embodiment, is the gateway to the stars.

Yarrow connects. It creates links so that communication can occur between two cells, two nerves or two beings. It looks for the common ground between two forces as it knows this is what will unify. It teaches that polar opposites are but two sides of the same coin and both must be acknowledged and integrated.

Yarrow is a herb of embodiment. Deeply feminine, it teaches us to come into the body and to feel the pleasures and pains of being human. Its astringent action brings us into the body, so we can feel our boundaries and experience the life we came for.  While Yarrow is known for protection, the best protection in the world is to be deeply embodied. The more in our bodies we are, the less we will be shaken by external energies and more able to stand firm as a rock no matter what. Being in the body gives us a strong sense of our own boundary. When we’re disembodied or too open to external forces, we need the astringency of Yarrow to bring us back into the body, to ground and feel our edges again.

Yarrow helps us integrate all parts of ourselves – shadow side, masculine/feminine. It helps us integrate all emotions whether we like them or not. It is a herb to bring things through the body, to allow all experiences, emotions, feelings to move through the body naturally. It helps us to integrate and allow all rather than avoid or suppress.  And to heal any wounds of separation.  

Yarrow helps us to integrate and embody rather than avoid and suppress. It is very useful for disconnection or separation – from the body, feelings, emotions or life experiences. There are several presentations of this, all of which can be supported by Yarrow.

  • There are those who are on the run from their shadow side, who don’t want to do the inner work and put in the effort involved to evolve – they may be the super busy, industrious people who stay active so as not to look within;
  • or there are the procrastinators, adepts at avoidance, too lazy to face themselves and make the effort to do their own inner work. Yarrow is a herb of self discipline that invokes the warrior within, to face the shadow.
  • Then there are those who quite literally, don’t have the time or energy to process emotions as they are in survival mode. For people experiencing long term stress and trauma, like warriors on a battlefield, or refugees, who just have to keep going and who need to disconnect in order to survive, Yarrow can help integrate the trauma gently. For those who are exhausted, run down, running on empty, in survival mode, don’t have the resources to process emotions and trauma, Yarrow can bring strength and gentle support to integrate, process and stay in the body.  Can take us back to past events that we were unable to process at the time, in order to integrate them.
  • Those who are stretching themselves on all levels – evolving to the max, pushing their limits and boundaries, going beyond, tall growth.
  • Those in the process of deep shadow work, kundalini work, facing their shit, with lots of self discipline. Yarrow brings strength and the energy to keep going and not get exhausted.
  • Hypersensitive beings that are too externalised, too ‘out there’, too connected to other realms to the detriment of their body.  Nee to integrate and be in body more, to feel the boundaries of their skin. Yarrow grounds, calls us in to the body, astringes us back in and from, is a potent plant of protection.  
  • Disconnect of any sort – to bodies, feelings, emotions. Not putting two and two together.  Need the inner warrior to awaken to keep evolving and growing.

Yarrow is the gateway to Unity Consciousness. It can connect us to anything we have been separated from, whether its ourselves or the stars, helping us to remember that all is contained within us.


  • major haemorrhagic and wound remedy.  Post partum haemorrhage, battle wounds.  Long known as ‘herb of battle’, Yarrow was also called Soldiers Woundwort, Soldiers Help, Knight’s Milfoil. Those working through the Yarrow energy are those who are in battle, working through their shit. It may be on the outer battlefield of war or childbirth; or on the inner battlefield of facing your demons/shadow. Yarrow supports and brings strength and discipline while we’re on the battlefield. Achilles was taught by Chiron (wounded healer) to use a piece of the arrow that caused the wound mixed with Yarrow to heal the wounds, and he used this with great success. Yarrow is a big wound healing remedy, stops bleeding, PPH, menorrhagia etc.
  • Balances blood flow. So will stop bleeding, but will also promote blood flow, remove stagnation (outward upward movement of meditation), so also good for varicosities. Regulates flow of blood. Improves circulation. Plants are intelligent, they can work both ways.
  • Yarrow is like the herbal prolactin – the nesting hormone. The hormone that helps us create a lovely soft nest (in the womb too), but it is also the protective hormone – increases vigilance, the lion comes out when babe threatened, this is prolactin. Prolactin also involved with breastfeeding, and Yarrow used when no milk.
  • Colds, fevers, flus, upper respiratory infections.  Prolonged trauma and immune system down, open to infections.  Yarrow, Elder and Peppermint tea when you have a cold or flu.
  • Yarrow to protect from external influences, negative energies, those too sensitive. Brings you back in your body.  Yarrow amulets used to be used to protect homes from evil. Helps cleanse, clear.
  • Regulates female reproductive system – periods, hot flushes of menopause, endometriosis, fibroids. Yarrow sitz bath for uterine prolapse.  Useful to dilate cervix.  One of the nine sacred herbs in a womens bundle.  Uterine stimulant.

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