Jasminum officinale, Oleaceae. 

Jasmine flower code

Jasmine flower code is one of the energy shifters that supports  you to focus on the beauty in life more.  To dance and enjoy, uplift, expand and love. 

Jasmine is useful for those who wear dull greys and browns or who feel a bit drab and dull.  Jasmine lightens, brightens and inspires one back to beauty. 

For those that are in a murky toxic breakdown of some sort, it is useful to support the energetic shift required to clear out the muck.  When something doesn’t smell right, Jasmine used intentionally can not only cover up the smell, but shift the energy enough that the cause begins to clear out.  While the cleansing is going on, it is important to keep using Jasmine as a reminder of the beauty even amidst the toxicity. 

Jasmine has an expansive, airy energy.  It is great for those who are contracted and dulled down, when life has become too small.  It encourages lightening, broadening, and opening up again.  It inspires us to lighten up and expand, to reach for the beauty and pleasure in life and to love!  It is great for the melancholics that get stuck and need to remember the beauty of life.

Jasmine helps us to find the richness and beauty in all situations, even dark, murky ones. 

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