Sage, the wise one is full of Laughter! She laughs at the ridiculousness of our small concerns, she has grown to see the bigger picture. But she laughs on the inside, knowing the importance of fully experiencing each phase in our lives properly in order to gather our experiences and ripen our wisdom in order to become a Sage.   So she laughs silently and doesn’t let on. But inside she is a deep purple gem of wisdom full of open hearted laughter – the exhilarating laughter of release and surrender! She would never go back knowing what she now knows! 

Sage leaves 

Sage has a gathering up and drawing energy. It gathers us up, draws out the wisdom and releases what is no longer useful. When we are gathering up our energies to draw out the gems of wisdom and release anything else, we are in a Sage phase.  Sage smudge sticks mirror this action – we gather it into a bundle to burn, transforming it into a smoke that purifies and cleanses.

There is a great sense of EXHILARATION in this. Of RELEASE.

Sage particularly relates to the Autumn Equinox/Mabon, or the Sage phase of life – when a person comes into their wisdom. The equinox is a moment of equilibrium before the descent into the darker days of winter. It is the time to gather and celebrate the harvest and to let go what is no longer needed. This is similar to menopause when a woman begins to step into her wisdom, to drop away the ego desires, to release what is not pure. Like the flower as it surrenders its petals allowing them to fall away, she may be past her fertile prime, yet moving into the next phase she becomes aware of herself on a much deeper level, of a being that is not based on external validation, but on true meaning and wisdom. This release of another layer of the ego, of the beautiful petals to move into the seeding phase of future generations, can be exhilarating and heart expanding as the ego constraints burn away, or it can be deeply disturbing and scary if we are too identified with being ‘beautiful’ on an external level.

This is an epidemic in our current culture that values youth over age and has little respect for the wisdom of the elders.

Sage is the wisdom that comes from the condensing of knowledge and experience. With this gathering up of experience and drawing out of wisdom, energy gets released, all that is no longer relevant falls away with the new understanding, like the smoke being released from the smudge.

Laughter is a form of release.

The Sage, the wise one knows yet stays silent, but she laughs on the inside. In fact, she is full of open hearted silent laughter, the laughter that comes at this stage of the journey as if to say ‘if you knew what I knew you’d just laugh, it’s all a cosmic joke.’ But she knows its important for everyone to experience each phase of the process, to ripen our own wisdom, so she stays silent and doesn’t let on. But inside she’s a deep purple gem of wisdom full of deep laughter, the laughter of release and relaxation.

The flower reflects this – it has no need to show off and be seen, to be noticed, it’s small and hidden. Sure of itself, it blossoms on the inside much more! It has passed the ego phase, and is on the outward cycle of release, of aging, of wisdom, not holding onto constructs. The Sage flower relates to the blossoming of wisdom and to the purifying of lower energies that block this.

 Sage flower

There is a deep purple and black softness to her field. She gets us to soften, to relax and let go. When we are holding on she helps us relax and release. She has the soft wisdom of the purple ray that cleanses us on all levels.

Sage works on the hypothalamus and adrenals with softness, nourishing them, helping them to release and soften, to burn away karma, what is no longer needed.

She helps us draw out the wisdom from the journey, and also to draw out the toxins and whatever else is standing in our way.

Sage is the bridge between light and dark, she helps us safely transition into the descent and disintegration of old age, of wisdom. She helps us to do this with laughter, with poise and softness.



Sage is for those that are holding on. Stuck in different parts of ego or control, that are unwilling to surrender to the higher process.

It works on the hypothalamus, our control centre, helping to soften and nourish it so that we can gently let go control and surrender into the exhilaration of letting go, to becoming wispy smoke, to embracing the truth of impermanence.

It helps us to fully assimilate our experiences, to gather up all the wisdom from them, so that we can let them go and move forward into the next phase of our lives.

When we are holding on to something that is past its use by dates, something that is no longer serving us, Sage can support us to burn it away, release its hold and allow it to transform into something else.

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