Australian Native Codes


Australia holds the oldest continental crust on Earth.  The land is ancient and the indigenous people are also  ancient. They are also one of the most recent cultures on Earth to have been disturbed.  Even as late as 1984, the last indigenous people who had been living in the Gibson desert in the same way their ancestors had been living for centuries, were ‘discovered’ or ‘brought in’ by white culture.  They are known as the Pintupi nine and had been clear of any contact with white colonisation even since the round up of the rest of their tribes in the 1950’s.  
It is relatively recent then, that the interruption of the interaction and intimate relationship between the land and its people has occurred.  This interaction of the land being sung, danced and powered up by the people in turn for its fertility and nourishment, had been going on for aeons.  In some parts it continues.  

The Australian native flower codes then, have showed two main spiralline themes of energy that they work with. 

1. The first is the power to help us remember our own indigenous nature.  Wherever we may be indigenous to, these plants can help us recall this and our own unique ways of interracting and cocreating with the land and its spirits for harmony, abundance and wellbeing – not only of ourselves, but of the earth as a whole. Everyone has an indigenous nature somewhere back in their lineage.  Working with this is an essential key to understanding and connecting with any land and its spirits. 

2. The other smaller layer, is for those who are living on country that they are not indigenous to.  At first this came through as particularly for those living in Australia whose deep roots are elsewhere.  However, I’ve since been shown this can be broadened to work with these themes in general, rather than just people living on this land.  These flowers are to help heal and integrate the blend between your own heritage and that of this land you’re on with its unique energies, spirits, custodians and guardians.  They can help to heal the gap between what is within and what is outside, to help us integrate into the land in a beautiful way.

Unless you are indigenous to Australia, somewhere in your history migration to this land occurred. Whether your family history is one of being an early settler, a convict, or a more recent migration, settling in another country is a major transition.  Apart from all of the physical differences, Australia holds vastly different energies and land spirits to those of Europe and other countries.  Learning to integrate within these in a balanced and healthy way is a big step to healing not only ourselves, but our relationship with the original custodians of this land and our relationship with nature as a whole.


Australian Native Flower Codes

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Native Bluebell

bluebells in the desert

Native Bluebell (Wahlenbergia sp.) as an Australian Native Flower Code is like a joyful and hearty welcome to new country, land or territory.   Filled with love, joy and openness, she springs up to honour the arrival of those from other lands, planets or worlds.  It teaches us to tread gently and respectfully on new lands. … Continue reading Native Bluebell


Boronia flower code

Boronia opens, strengthens and expands the heart. It brings laughter, delight and joy, all things that open the heart and chest and create a spreading there. It particularly relates to the heart chambers. The more open and spacious the heart chambers, the more can flow through. The Boronia code teaches the multidimensional nature of the… Continue reading Boronia


hibbertia flower essence

Hibbertia dentata, Dilleniaceae. As one of the native flower codes, Hibbertia works towards healing transgressions between our relationship with the earth.  This includes any harm done to indigenous tribes who lived in harmony with the earth, and to our inner indigenous self that suffers with any injury to the whole. Hibbertia Flower Code is particularly… Continue reading Hibbertia

Native Wisteria

Wildflowers WA

Native Wisteria (Hardenbergia comptoniana) creates a boundary, a protective wrapping to hold us safely within when we are going through an incubation, a shift. This container helps us to focus inward, holding the light and energy in and protecting it from being dispersed. It safely holds us in this space of stillness and light, this… Continue reading Native Wisteria