Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom holds the coding to bring us gently and lovingly to earth and into our bodies. It relates to the time immediately after birth (can also be the birth of a project) when a babe is vulnerable and needs soft nurturing. This is the time to be held, nurtured, softly and lovingly supported, a soft pink zone in which to gently create pleasure in the senses to bring babe to earth.   Gentle touch is important to awaken the senses in a delightful, delicious way. This remedy helps us feel sensual, (not sexual), but fully in our senses, in our body and the enjoyment of that.

Blossoming tree

It can be used:

  • Post birth to awaken the senses, incarnate babe in beautiful held way
  • To heal the disconnect created from not having loving touch and holding at birth. For many birth interventions, when babe was separated from mother. Cherry Blossom can create a new imprint by showing us what it feels like to feel soft, held, nurtured, gently opened, to feel the senses awakened in beauty.
  • For all types of disconnect from the senses, from the body. Cherry blossom helps us to find delight and deliciousness in the senses.   Like the soft silky petals of the blossom, it can evoke the soft silkiness within. Sensual rather than sexual. Cherry Blossom will coax you into drawing the senses down into yourself, it won’t do it for you, but help to catalyse it for yourself.
  • To help us relax, warm and open after contraction. The Cherry Blossom blooms at the first hint of Spring, when winter is still quite present, it is the first sign of hope, of inspiration, that summer will come.
  • To support and nurture projects through their early phases (after the initial birth phase) – to help enjoy the process of growing a project in its early phases, and to not go into doubt and disconnect. To stay embodied through the process.
  • Helps us to RECEIVE. To receive with all of our senses, so that we can ENJOY new life in an EMBODIED way – whether it be our own birth, our projects or ourselves as a mother that has just birthed.


Cherry Blossom Flower Code available to order here



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