Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom holds the coding to bring us gently and lovingly to earth and into our bodies. It relates to the time immediately after birth (of any creation) when a ‘babe’ is vulnerable and needs soft nurturing. This is the time to be held, nurtured, softly and lovingly supported – a soft pale pink silky landing in which to gently create pleasure in the senses to encourage babe to incarnate fully.

Blossoming tree

Cherry Blossom is the flower code that carries the original state of feeling softly held, nurtured and gently welcome in the world and within the body. It is the sensation of being held in the arms of the all loving, connected mother – nourished and comforted.

Working with Cherry Blossom can awaken the latent DNA within that activates this receptive state of feeling held, nourished and joyful in the body. For some, experiencing this state for the first time may feel unfamiliar, and wounds may arise. Working with the healing herb flower codes in tandem may be required to soothe and heal through this process.

It can be used:

  • For newborn mothers – to come into the body fully after the experience of giving birth, to awaken nurturing qualities and healthy bonding.
  • For newborn babes – to awaken the senses, arrive gently in the body, have healthy connection to being held, nurtured and the mother.
  • For many birth interventions or complications when separation of mother and baby occurred. To awaken the natural states that were never activated in the DNA due to these interruptions.  Cherry Blossom can create a new imprint by showing us what it feels like to feel soft, held, nurtured, gently opened, to feel the senses awakened in beauty.
  • To support and nurture projects through their early phases (after the initial birth phase) – to help enjoy the process of growing a project in its early phases. To stay embodied through the process.
  • To awaken our capacity to receive love and nurturing. To open the senses to the world around us in a healthy way.
  • To awaken our capacity to nurture and mother the self and our creations

Cherry Blossom Flower Code available to order here

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