The Flower Portals

The flower portal codes are the original codes.

They are like the imprints or archetypes of what is possible.

Simple and divine, they support us in evolving towards a more Sacred Earth.

This is our divine blueprint.


Feverfew H.Wedd

Feverfew is a protector, it creates a sacred safe space.  It is especially potent for threshold times…. like the longest night, endings and beginnings, death, birth, or any vulnerable times. It creates a ring of protection around us. Within this safe space we can relax rather than contract knowing we are safely held. Feverfew has… Continue reading Feverfew

Borage: The Star Portal


Borage is strong, courageous, and bold. It’s movement is that of moving forwards, the energy of ‘Go Forth!’  Borage is the energy and the push of Birth. Birthing things into the world takes a lot of strength, courage, boldness and the ‘push’ or ‘go forth’ energy.  This relates to birthing babies, our true selves, or… Continue reading Borage: The Star Portal

Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom Code

Cherry Blossom holds the coding to bring us gently and lovingly to earth and into our bodies. It relates to the time immediately after birth (can also be the birth of a project) when a babe is vulnerable and needs soft nurturing. This is the time to be held, nurtured, softly and lovingly supported, a… Continue reading Cherry Blossom

Sacred Birth Portal

Sacred Birth Code

the Sacred Birth Portal Essence  activates the sacred birth pathways within. Like a prayer for all births to be sacred, it helps us to KNOW what it feels like to have a sacred birth so that we can create that for ourselves and others. It activates our divine blueprint for birthing, helping us to remember… Continue reading Sacred Birth Portal