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Shamanic Herbalism Online Course

is a course designed at activating the flower codes within you.

Through nature connection, plant communication practices and shamanic activations with the flowers, we work towards activating more of who we are, activating the latent seeds within.

Are the flower codes for everyone? 

Yes!  As beings of unity, everything in nature is also within us.  From what I understand the codes are designed to reawaken our dormant codes to bring us into a future ofia Sacred Earth.

What we do on the inside occurs on the outside.

While they are within all of us, there are certain number of people out there who will be gatekeepers and wayshowers, that will bring these energies in to open them for the masses.  If you are feeling the call, maybe you are one of them!

herb posy

This course is a series of Activation Pathways.

Each pathway consists of around 8 weeks duration.

The first pathway consists of the preparation and groundwork needed in order to commence the real plant activation work (which will start in Week 8 and continue throughout the following pathways).

The plant activation pathway as a whole, is ancient women’s wisdom held latent within us all.  Embarking on this journey will be embarking on a soul adventure!

What does that mean?

It means reawakening to who we are, to fully embodying and embracing our individual nature, why we came here and what we’re here to do. And to gradually expressing that into the world, to sharing our innate gifts.

As we do this, as we activate into our fullness, our heart begins to beat in alignment with the earth, with our true nature. And this has a ripple effect not only on those around us, but also on the earth itself.

Walking this path with authenticity, commitment and beauty is to begin to recreate a Sacred Earth.


Pathway One – Creating Sacred Space  starts Oct 1 2009

This contains the groundwork and preparation work needed in order to commence the plant activation pathway which will begin in week 8.  We are laying the foundations so to speak.  We’ll be weaving in some herbs to support you through these weeks, but the real plant activation work will begin towards the end of the first pathway.

  • Week One: The Art of Ritual & Ceremony – preparing yourself, setting up space, energy management, grounding etc.  The Four Elements.
  • Week Two: Developing Intuition through Body Awareness
  • Week Three & Four: Wisdom of the Cycles: Aligning with Nature – an experiential journey looking at how natures cycles affect us and how to engage that – the sun, the moon, the seasons, the menstrual cycle…..
  • Week Five: Connecting with Nature: Deepening your journey.  The principles of nature connection, an introduction to communicating with nature spirits and plants.
  • Week Six: Introduction to Shamanic Journeying.  Meet your animal and guide.
  • Week Seven: Herbal Lore & Basics
  • Week Eight: Plant Activation: Feverfew.  The beginning of our plant activation pathway.  This is the first plant code in activating a Sacred Earth (all work begins within!)  Starting a materia medica, plant spirit communication, plant activation work.
  • Rattle Crafting Workshop to make a traditional hide rattle. 9th November. You can choose to attend this workshop in person (includes materials); or online (does not include materials).

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Pathway Two – Sacred Birth Portal (starts Feb 3rd, 2020)

Birthing ourselves into the world. 

In pathway one we laid the groundwork and created space for the real work!

Pathway two is our Sacred Birth Portal. Here we immerse ourselves in the sacred herbs that guide us to birth a truer version of ourselves into the world. We’ll be looking at who we are, why we came here, our soul and birth imprints, and how to transform and engage them. Then we’ll focus on the nurturing phase, how to nurture our creations – whether that is our new self, a new project or a new baby and the need for gentle stimulation and loving care.

As part of this pathway there is the option to Birth a medicine drum in a two day face to face workshop.  This isn’t just a drum making workshop, this is a sacred process in which we use the crafting of the drum as a potent way to discover and rewire your birth imprinting. What we embody while crafting the drum stays within the drum as its medicine, its power. We come out with a drum not just of great personal relevance, but one that will beat to the tune of your own sacred heart beat.

  • Week One – Womb as Gaia: Cleansing the Creative Vessel.
  • Week Two – Birth Work. Plant Spirit Immersion with Starflower begins. Understanding our birth imprints and how to engage them for creation.
  • Week Three –Cervix: Gateway between Earth and the Stars. Soul purpose remembering. Why we came.
  • Week Four – Galactic Language of Plants
  • Week FiveBirthing ourselves into the world.  Plant immersion continues.
  • Week Six – Birthing a Medicine Drum (optional) Or integration/catch up week.
  • Week Seven – Blossom Immersion: the Power of Gentle Incarnation
  • Week Eight – 40 Day Plan: Nurturing our sprouts of creation.

Prerequisite: Pathway One.  If you feel you have the pathway one skills needed and would like to dive straight into this work, please send an email detailing your experience.


Pathway Three – Enliven Your Creative Potential: Womb Wisdom

Pathway Four – Alchemy: Transforming Your Inner Codes



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