Chamomile, as one of the healing herb codes is useful for remembering and restoring a state of Deep Inner Trust.  In the body, this manifests as a calm, relaxed, healthy nervous system and a connection to centre.  Able to easily digest all that occurs in the external world, this core centredness and inner trust allows us to maintain the innocence of a child at play, shining light on the world.  Chamomile is a plant that can activate our inner light and reconnect us with the source of power that resides within us.

An absence or loss of deep inner trust and our source connection can manifest in various ways such as abandonment issues and an overwhelmed nervous system.  Trying to control the external world is another common manifestation, stemming from the arising fear that accompanies loss of connection with our centre.  Controlling the world around us, even our own breathing are compensatory ways that aim to give us a sense of control.

Abandonment comes in various guises.  When we are not listening and following our deeper truth – that quiet little voice of light that waits patiently in the background to be heard – we abandon ourselves.  Placing our trust in the  peripheral voices of the ego and external world without connection with our inner truth is another common method.  Focusing on the needs of others excessively can be a crafty way that we hide our light behind a bushel, abandoning ourselves under the guise of helping others.  Often it is easier to focus on external energies (other people, situations, objects) and make them our power source as we fear our own power.  But when we do this, our deepest self feels abandoned, unheard, sad, angry and irritated.  Our solar plexus chakra suffers, but most of all we are not letting our own light and power shine. Chamomile is also useful for inner child work, to work with the abandonments we perceived as children.

Chamomile helps us process and ‘digest’ emotions in order to unwind, relax and sleep.  When we are centred, we can process external stimuli calmly and with ease.  Alternatively, when we are caught on the periphery, many physical symptoms are common: digestive complaints – from an abandoned solar plexus; oversensitivities/allergies – an overloaded system that can’t process it all; skin irritations such as eczema, rashes – the skin is our physical periphery.

Chamomile activates our inner light the same way the sun activates photosynthesis in plants.  Soothing the nervous system and slowing us down in order to metabolise effectively, Chamomile  guides us to find our inner source of power and light and to let it shine.  It helps us remember that everything we need to shine is within us, and that when we are searching externally for power, we are effectively handing our power over. 

Chamomile has learned how to reach the calm place no matter what, so it can help us to do that too –  for those who are oversensitive or hypersensitive to pain, whose nervous systems are on high alert, it can help find peace and encourage our shining sun to keep beaming out.    

Chamomile can find light in the hardest of times.  It can take you back to the deep peace behind the irritation, the light that is always there even when the clouds appear to be blocking it. 

When we are hypersensitive, when there’s too much going on, and we just can’t process it all, we get allergies, anger, an overactive nervous system that needs soothing and calming.  It relates to the summer solstice, the fullness of the cycle when there is so much going on, there’s so much light, so much happening, here Chamomile is at its prime.  This fullness of energy makes us tired if we are unable to process it well.

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