Borage: The Star Portal

Borage is strong, courageous, and bold.

It’s movement is that of moving forwards, the energy of ‘Go Forth!’  Borage is the energy and the push of Birth.

Birthing things into the world takes a lot of strength, courage, boldness and the ‘push’ or ‘go forth’ energy.  This relates to birthing babies, our true selves, or heart projects into the world.  They are all vulnerable processes.

Borage helps us birth our hearts path, to expand our heart like a cervix dilating until our true self births itself into the world.

Borage plant

Borage connects us back to the stars. It activates the star codes within us. The star codes are our true mission, our hearts path in the world.  These are often forgotten when we are born, but they remain stored within us.

Borage is for when we have forgotten why we are here, it reactivates our star code so that we have the strength and courage to move forward again, so that we remember our mission and resonate back in with our star – the light in our heart.

Borage is a portal to the stars. In the body this portal between the worlds relates to the cervix – the portal between the inner and the outer worlds, the portal through which we are born.  In the Borage flower this cervix portal is seen in  the white ring at the centre of the flower.

As we cross the portal between the stars and the earth, we gather stardust, like bees gathering pollen from a flower. It imprints on us.

Borage Flower Code available to order here

Bees love Borage!

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